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    2016 Fantasy Football Rankings

    By: Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports In preparation of our 2016 Fantasy Football Preview show coming up this week, I figured I’d post my 2016 position rankings. These are based on standard scoring leagues. I didn’t rank Kickers and Defenses because doing this took long enough. Here’s to hoping giving away my rankings, i.e.

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  • draftpic

    2017 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

    By: Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports The 2017 NFL Draft is not the sexiest draft we've seen when it comes to offensive prospects, but it makes up for it on the defensive side of the ball. It's a loaded draft on that side, with several top of the draft guys with future All-Pro talent.

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  • NFL Draft

    2017 NFL Mock Draft

    By: Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports 1. Los Angeles Rams-Jared Goff, QB-Cal Los Angeles welcomed back the Rams, and the Rams thanked them by trading up for the top pick in the draft. They use that pick on Goff, my QB1 in the draft. A three year starter at Cal, Goff has good size and

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  • nfldraftchicago

    2015 NFL Mock Draft

    By: Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports   1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Jameis Winston-QB, Florida State There is not much suspense in this pick because Winston is clearly the best on-field QB prospect in the draft. As a passer, he is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. What FSU asked him to do on the

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  • bearsfan-300x216

    “Our Pet's Heads are Fallin' Off”

    By: Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports It's mid March, we're in full swing of the NFL off-season and the tourney is about to kick off next week. The new league year in the NFL kicked off on Tuesday afternoon, and with that, the start of the NFL Free Agency/Trade season. We were delighted with

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  • sports grab bag

    An Early Summer Blog Grab Bag

    By Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports It's early summer. The boats are out, the grills are fired up, bathing suits are out, and sunglass tan lines are back to being 100% acceptable. People tell me this is not the case, about the sunglass tan lines that is, but I'm not buying it. I feel like people

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  • NCAA Bracket

    Who Plays Tonight??

    By Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports It’s the Monday after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and I find myself asking, “So, who plays tonight?” The opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament has to go down as one of the best sports weekends of the year. It’s filled with excitement and intrigue that

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  • hibbertpouting

    Disappointing Pacers

    By Matt Jensen | Section 312 Sports First, I want to start this post out by saying, I hope that I am saying all of this too soon, and that the Indiana Pacers prove me wrong. I just don't see it happening. Air, then come down on edegra generic sildenafil citrate viagra prescription online one source. Warts

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